Annual 2013

Annual Camp is less than a month away. We are travelling from Friday 26th July to Sunday 4th August. Costs have escalated somewhat with the price of getting the gear there costing far more than budgeted. However we will not be charging more than the €380 quoted at the start of the year. we will however need help on Wednesday 10th July at a flag day around town where money raised will help offset the cost of a van for the camp.

I need everyone to print off the "scout details" page below and fill it in before Tuesdays nights meeting. Most importantly is the "shirt size" section. Each scout will be given a t-shirt on the camp. They should also have the sky blue group polo shirt that everyone got over the last few years. They will need this for travelling. if they don't have one please let us know asap as we may have to order them. Also fill in any medical conditions and an emergency contact.

Scouts should have a passport. A form of identification is needed and since the boys are too young to have driving licences then a passport will have to do. We  will collect these on Tuesday 23rd July at our meeting. we plan for the scouts to take their packed rucksack down to the meeting on Tuesday 16th July, we will go through the bag and tell them what they will or wont need. they take the bag home and bring it back properly packed for the next Tuesday. We will keep it then and load it onto the van. Anything they forget to take they can put in a backpack that they can take on the trip. we will also be collecting any money for the camp bank and medications on the 23rd.
StPatricks Scout,
28 Jun 2013, 03:58