Overnight Hike

Meet at hall at 6pm Thursday 30th June. Get dropped to Long Woman’s Grave.

Eat before you come to hall.

Bing supper, maybe pot noodle or something that you only add water.

Bring water for boiling. Also bring something to eat for breakfast, nutra grain bar etc.

Don’t wear jeans or runners. Combats/tracksuit bottoms and boots. Bring coat and warm hat.

Bring spare socks and clothes if rain is expected.

Each scout will be carrying part of a tent so bring a black bag in case the tent needs to be carried outside of their rucksack.

Don’t bring mobile phones, knives or mp3 players, they are all needless extra weight.

We are getting the 9.50am bus home from Carlingford. The bus will cost roughly €3.

Scouts can be picked up at 11am at the scout hall on Friday.

Hike route.