St Patrick’s Day & Sleepover

Scouts are to meet at the hall at 7pm for a sleepover/Investiture. If they cannot make the sleepover they have to be at the hall at 10.20am on Sunday in full uniform (scout shirt, scout trousers, black polished shoes, dark socks, scout belt, 1st Louth necker and woggle(dark). Make sure to wear a few layers underneath the shirt as walking to the church can be cold. Scouts will also need some shamrock which they should wear on their shirt. They should have their change of clothes for the parade with them in a rucksack which they will leave in the hall. Mass is at 11.30am in St Patrick’s.  There is a large possibility Allan and Gareth will only be marching to the church then heading straight back to the hall to get the float set up in its position in the parade by 12.10pm. The scouts will not have their own leaders in the church with them. They will be supervised by other leaders from the group but it is important that they behave as well as they usually do.  After mass we need to get the scouts back to the hall asap so we need parents to organise lifts to the hall. When back at the hall they need to change into their Parade gear. Some scouts are wearing hiking gear, some will have rock climbing gear and some will be in kayaking gear. If scouts have the sky blue group t-shirts(or the yellow one) then they are to wear that. The parade starts at 1pm from the scout hall. Scouts will be dismissed at the end of the parade on Dublin Street. Scouts cannot leave during their parade if they see their family/friends and decide to go with them. Scouts may need to go back to the hall to get their overnight gear and/or uniforms after the parade. The leaders will be going back to the hall with the float so the hall will be open. Scouts not staying on Saturday night will need to take a packed lunch with them to eat back at the hall after mass before we take part in the main parade.

For scouts going on the overnight they are to meet at the hall at 7pm (some scouts are arriving earlier than this but they know who they are). We will set up the float for the parade, do some other work, watch a dvd, get a take-away(optional) then do the investiture after midnight. “St Patrick’s scouts get Invested on St Patrick's Day”, it has a nice ring to it. Scouts staying the night will need sleeping gear, their uniform for St Patrick’s Day, their outfit for the parade and some money for take-away, breakfast and packed lunch. They decided on Tuesday night to sort breakfast and packed lunch in patrols. Some are making the lunch on Sunday morning and some are bringing it ready made on Saturday. I am not sure what decisions the patrols made.

There will not be a meeting this Tuesday night.

If some of this does not make any sense then please call me on 087 7776153. See you all on Saturday/Sunday. Don’t be late!